Film-documentary: 36’49”
Direction and subject: Franco Passalacqua
Production: CARIT Foundation – Municipality of Terni
Realization: 6 Aprileaudiovisual
Interpreter: Michele Volpi
Photography and shooting: Riccardo Truffarelli
Editing: Francesca Polito
Scientific advice: Anna Ottani Cavina, Marcella Culatti

In the early 19th century a northern European painter crossed the Alps at the St. Gotthard pass, in Switzerland and reached Italy. We see him painting in the River Nera valley between Terni and Narni. Through his activity he tells the story of the plein air painters from many European countries who, in the late 18th and early 19th century, on reaching Italy were fascinated and spellbound by the Mediterranean light and the beauty of its landscapes. They painted en plein air, in real life, outside their studios for the first time. These artists created a wealth of art works that portray a dreamlike, magical, beautiful Italy many years before the discovery of photography. Anna Ottani Cavina tells this singular story.